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Eisele Supplements the BASICLINE with Pilot Operated Check Valves

22 May 2019  |
Eisele has supplemented the BASICLINE series 25 with pilot operated check valves for compressed air which can be used ideally in combination with pneumatic cylinders. The components, made of nickel-plated brass are suitable for a variety of applications, such as a safety component in industries or in medical technology.

The new pilot operated check valves enable flow in one direction, which in return blocks the flow in the opposite direction: thus preventing pneumatic cylinders from unintentionally deaerating in the event of a pressure drop. If necessary, users can open the valves by inserting a defined pressure and force ventilating the cylinders. The pilot operated check valve is designed for a working pressure range of 1 to 9 bar and a temperature range of -10 to +70 °C. As an ideal connection supplement, Eisele’s swivel joint in series 25, which in addition to activation through compressed air, can also be used with manual activation.

As an ideal connection supplement, Eisele’s swivel joint can be activated manually or through compressed air.

Check valves of this type are used as safety components in industrial applications – they help prevent people from being injured or machines from being damaged in case of a sudden pressure drop. They also execute these functions in medical technology applications for example in ambulance stretchers. Another use is in lifting platforms in the construction industry. Lastly, the components have also proven themselves in commercial kitchens; here pot lids are often lifted pneumatically via a cylinder. The check valves prevent employees from being injured, if there is a pressure drop.

The pilot operated check valves supplement Eisele’s series 25, which includes a banjo bolt and a swivel connector with throttle and throttle check function. The Eisele BASICLINE is comprised of 4,000 standardized connection components made of high-quality materials.

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