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ValvTechnologies is Offering Expedite Options with Existing Coker Inventory

11 Jun 2019  |
For two years, this plant conducted an economic feasibility study to build a new coker unit to replace the existing Unit 21. The FEED study to build a new coker in Unit 21s place was ultimately shelved and the plant decided to use available funds to upgrade the existing equipment instead of build new.

This decision significantly reduced the overall project scope for valve requirements. However, given the initial project pursuit and sales strategy of the new unit build, ValvTechnologies was in prime position to execute on the revised project, a Unit 21 upgrade scope. ValvTechnologies made multiple plant visits to deliver presentations and valve trainings to the coker operations, maintenance and engineering management lead times were required and played a high priority in the valve supplier decision.

ValvTechnologies committed to the customer’s short lead time requirement based on their on-site delivery needs by offering expedite options with existing coker inventory/stock, changing out to forgings where able and working with valuedteams. A site visit to perform a unit walkdown to offer operations team troubleshooting support on existing install base was also conducted. This service resulted in building strong rapport with key decision makers and highlighted our organizations’ commitment to our customers. The relationship with the customer and EPC were built long ahead of decisions which made everyone feel comfortable and confident that ValvTechnologies was the superior solution, especially considering the complicated engineering and short lead-time requirements.

Unit 21 coker refurbishment/upgrade job

The customer was behind on project schedule and all aspects of the project were to be fast tracked with all vendors. Short suppliers to expedite materials with negligible impact on overall project costs.

Valves offer improved unit reliability and operability resulting in more up-time, lower risk, and longer mean time between repairs. Significantly lower steam consumption. Specialized engineered actuation rod design for enhanced functionality and reliability.


Installed Based:
The same coking valves were previously installed in similar applications on another unit. The valves performed well which made the customer confident in choosing ValvTechnologies once again for future projects.

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