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SMD Fluid Controls makes vertically and horizontally mounted fluid switches, custom multilevel fluid switches, combination level and temperature sensors, custom temperature switches, ultrasonic liquid level sensors, mechanical support sump switches, downhole submersible level sensors and optical liquid level sensors.

We Serve a diverse range of industries, including: Aircraft and Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Boiler, HVAC and Air Handlers, Breweries and Wineries, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Industrial Equipment, Marine, Medical, Oil & Gas, Specialty Vehicles: ATV, Farm Equipment, Water and Wastewater, and Manufacturing.

We Offer standard off-the-shelf float switches for immediate purchase as well as custom designed liquid level sensors. We offer competitive pricing for OEM designs and applications. Our custom designs include machined level sensors and custom molded float switches in a wide variety of metals or plastics.

SMD Fluid Controls is a division of Strain Measurement Devices, a technically driven design and manufacturing firm dedicated to helping customers solve their toughest sensor and measurement problems. SMD’s talented staff has been designing custom sensors to measure force, pressure, temperature, weight, torque, liquid level and many combinations of these since 1978.

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