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As much as your ingredients, final product, and mixing process will affect your needs, they are not the only requirements that need to be considered when designing your mixing tank. It is important to be clear from the very beginning about any other requirements for your tank, such as space limitations or your preference for SS304 or SS316 parts. (Q+A:...
Hi, I was wondering which anemometer I should use for our company. I’m measuring wind speed for meteorological data requirements. Could you explain to me what types of anemometers there are and what the benefits are?
We are vested in the US and are using instrumentation equipment to monitor water. We are wondering how we could save money while treating and distributing clean water. What are solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize costs?
Hello, we were wondering if water hammers can damage our temperature sensors. We are processing fluids in motion and are trying to prevent dangerous hydraulic shocks.
I am located in Grenfell (Australia). I have a large agricultural implement that uses directional control valves (6 way 2 position). The implement has folding wings that as they close contact the directional valve directing oil to other circuts, retracting wheels etc. The issue is that when the machine is in use, oil leaks from rams that control the depth...

Our experts

Pete Graniello is a 20-year sales professional in the process automation marketplace. He began his career working for major national distributors of instrumentation, pumps, valves, and engineered thermoplastic piping systems. Pete’s technical proficiency encompasses all these product segments. In his career, he’s served as an operations supervisor, a technical sales support specialist, a sales & product trainer, and a business development rep. As a subject matter expert, Pete has worked closely with clients in the semiconductor, water & wastewater, chemical, food & beverage, automotive, biopharma, and oil & gas markets to help them find solutions to their process automation needs. He has extensive and varied experience in the process automation world. His current position is as a Business Development representative for Macnaught USA flowmeters. Based in Houston, Texas, throughout his career Pete has been responsible for helping customers find the right solutions to their most challenging process measurement applications.
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Matt Smith is Sales Director at Silverson Machines, which has over 70 years of experience helping customer in the field of high shear mixing. Silverson Machines serve many different industries from Pharmaceuticals to Food and can be used in a variety of applications including emulsifying – creating stable emulsions, blending liquids of varying viscosities and homogenisation. Along with a dedicated and knowledgeable Sales team and Technical staff, Silverson Machines can help find the right mixer for your application.
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Jens Enggaard Thuesen

Jens Enggaard Thuesen, Product Manager at DESMI, has more than 35 years of experience with hydraulic- and transmissions systems. Over the past 17 years Jens has worked in different positions at DESMI’s R&D department. When pumping a liquid – Jens is the expert that is analyzing possible options, difficulties and troubleshooting. He takes great pride in bringing a pump solution that matches the need of the customer. By the end of 1984, Jens completed his Bachelor of Technology Management in the field of hydraulic and transmissions. Afterward, he completed an engineering education and, he gained broad knowledge by combining practice and theory. Through years of experience and gained knowledge & years of experience, product development became a natural part of his work. As he says himself: “The best solutions come up; when practice and theory come together”. 
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Eric Heilveil is a 30-year plus veteran in the process instrumentation marketplace. He started out his career working for Emerson Electric and later moved on to work with his current employer Siemens Process Instrumentation Flow Division. Throughout his career in industrial flow measurement he has held positions as a field service manager, a field sales manager, application engineer, product line manager, sales and product trainer, among other roles. Eric has worked extensively in the semiconductor, biotech, water and wastewater, food and beverage, automotive, oil and gas, and chemical industries. His current position with Siemens is as a Product Marketing Manager for flow products. Eric holds a dual MBA in marketing and finance. Based in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, throughout his career Eric has been responsible for business development and marketing of the Coriolis, clamp-on ultrasonic, magnetic flow and vortex flow products. He has been expertly selling, managing, consulting, designing, training, marketing and writing about flow measurement and control products that serve industry for his entire career.
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