Level Control and Measurement

Fluid level control is a mechanism, device, or system which monitors, compares, and regulates the level of liquids or gases within a process to a set value. Level measurement determines the position of the level relative to the top or bottom of the process fluid storage tank or silo. Level control and measurement are essential to assuring the safety and profitability of industrial processes.

Fluid level control

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Are You Ready for a LEVELution!

Magnetrol-AMETEK is excited to announce the Genesis™ Multiphase Detector – groundbreaking patents lead to an evolution in multiphase detection, measurement,…

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Experts for Level Control and Measurement

Dave Grumney (Hawk Measurement Systems) Dave is Vice President of Sales at Hawk Measurement (HAWK) and has more than 40 years of experience in the process instrumentation industry. Dave started working as an outside sales engineer in 1979 for his father’s company, AO Grumney. While ... Ask a question
Markus Unglert (UWT GmbH – Level Control) Markus Unglert is Senior Product Manager at UWT GmbH. UWT is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of level measurement technology offering innovative sensors for continuous and point level measurement. The company offers solutions ... Ask a question

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