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Piping Systems

Industrial Pipework / Piping Systems
Piping systems are subjected to almost all the severest conditions of the plant such as high temperature, pressure, flow and combination of these.

In addition to the above, corrosion, erosion, toxic conditions and radioactivity add to more problems and difficulties in piping design.

The material to be used for pipe manufacture must be chosen to suit the operating conditions of the piping system.


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Piping Systems

Recommended manufacturers

Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.

Logo Bronkhorst transparent
Bronkhorst High-Tech offers an extensive product range of thermal, Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters and controllers. We offer numerous styles of both standard and bespoke instruments for applications in laboratory, machinery and industry and we closely cooperate with OEM’s in the field of customer specific designs for gas, liquid or vapour control.

GF Piping Systems

GFPS Logo fluid handling pro
GF Piping Systems is the leading flow solutions provider worldwide, enabling the safe and sustainable transport of fluids. The company specializes in plastic piping systems and system solutions plus services in all project phases.

Titan Enterprises Ltd

Titan Enterprises design & manufacture high quality, high performance, precision liquid flowmeters. Titan’s ultrasonic, oval gear & turbine flow meters, including NSF-approved devices, meet liquid flow control demands across industry sectors. The parameters & technology of Titan’s flowmeters fulfil application specifications of a broad scope of industrial processes, batching, laboratory & hazardous environments.

Other manufacturers

Aliaxis Group S.A. / N.V.
Armaturenfabrik Franz Schneider GmbH + Co. KG
Aspen Aerogels
Biotech Fluidics AB
Brady Corporation
Commercial Industrial Supply
Crist Group
Dervos Valves Co., Ltd
Eisenbau S.r.l.
Equflow BV
FIP Formatura Iniezione Polimeri S.p.A.
Harrington Industrial Plastics
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®
Kongsberg Automotive
Mid-West Instrument
MSR-Electronic GmbH
Process Vision Ltd
Proco Products, Inc.
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Sure Flow Products, LLC
Swagelok Company
Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection
ValvTechnologies, Inc
Verder Liquids

Experts for Piping Systems

Casey Williamson is Head of Business Development Microelectronics Global Industries for Georg Fischer. For the last 25 years, he has provided support for the semiconductor and photovoltaic sub-segments; through the years, he has been instru­mental in defining fab construction requirements as they apply to piping systems for the conveyance of high-purity liquids, process cooling, and chemical waste streams as well as analytical control systems to optimize the operations of UPW and waste systems.
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