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Equflow has perfected the flow measurement of liquids. In ten years, the technology company located in the Dutch province Brabant has thus further developed its own invention into commercial solutions for various applications in which flow measurement is crucial. The modular sensor system with interchangeable components has been on the global market since 2010.

Equflow develops and produces permanent and disposable flowmeters and all required components. The flowmeters are used for measuring flow in the following application areas, among others:

  • Biotechnology;
  • Medical instruments and devices;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Water purification, production and treatment;
  • Installation technology (central heating & plumbing);
  • Dosing pump systems;
  • OEM equipment and machines;
  • Fuel distribution;
  • Semiconductor production.

Equflow’s sensor technology stands out in its modularity and in the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of the measurements.

The perfection is expressed in all flowmeter components and the software. The bar code scanner for the automatic calibration of the measurement system plays a key role in single-use applications. Furthermore, Equflow’s customers value the affordability and opportunities for customization of the sensor system compared to other single-use solutions.

In addition to production and clean room facilities, Equflow has engineers who, together with the customer, fine-tune the sensor system for the applications in which the flow of liquids must be measured and/or controlled.

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