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Reserve the date for a gala exhibition in the world of construction

The ongoing lockdown has resulted in postponing of major events, leading to disappointment especially in the construction community. However, we are entranced that the BIG 5 exhibition, a jamboree for passionate lovers of Civil infrastructure, is here again in 2021, from the 12-15 September 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Stall- 7D301. Business community is going to amplify in BIG5, displaying their products, wherefrom there are participants from over 66 countries. Likewise, Dutco Tennant LLC being one of the exhibitors will display their versatility compassing the area of landscape and irrigation, with their Drainage Cells products. They have been a leading supplier in the game of civil infrastructure for years, and we will wreak you with the wide-ranging products in the exhibition. Reserve your seats, and meet us LIVE!

What utility does the drainage cells carry?

Owing to the modernised mundane ways of life, the architect has also been witnessing some changes especially in the infrastructural patterns of the buildings, offices leading to the look-change in the landscape as well. This is exactly where the demand for a good drainage cell postulates.

  • ·         These products allow the rainwater to flow which in-turn recharges the groundwater without creating any water logging.

  • ·         This happens because of the accurate gaping maintained between the base of the land-footing and the soil level.

  • ·         We will display products which are not only effectively utilizable but also will help you enhance the décor and beauty by allowing you décor your buildings with roof-top gardens, planter boxes etc without the fear of water-logging.

  • ·         The drainage cells are light-weighted making them more desirable because these products will not affect or dampen your buildings.

  • ·         They can be lifted easily, making them movable too, as per convenience.

  • ·         Installation comes handy either horizontally or vertically fashioning them as space effective cells, instead of the traditional ones.

  • ·         Drainage happens in a smooth-swift pattern protecting the surface area, soil, and the plants from any dampish pollution or contamination.


Know more about drainage cells and its kinds:


The 30mm Drainage Cell is very effective for irrigation during the extended dry season, as they come with a Daimon

CUP structure, helping in extracting water from the soil to the ground level for the crops. 30mm Drainage Cells can carry loads up-to 140 tons/m2, and are also safe from pollutants found in the soil and bacteria. They can be easily placed and installed, wherein they are eco-friendly helping the groundwater to recharge by draining the excess rain water. They do not need skilled labour as they are light and handy.

The terravault/modular suspended pavement system brought to you by Dutco is considered as the next generation soil defender, taking in account its eco-friendly features it comes with an interlocking system which is recyclable to give strength to the structure. The usage of plastic is less, hence not only eco-friendly but also becomes a cost-effective product. They give supreme strength and space to the soil for the plants to breathe and come with easy installation and application.


The Permeable grass/Gravel paver is the strongest but light-weighted, bearing up-to 235 tons/ utilizes the maximum space by allowing installation in horizontal and vertical directions. It is well-known because of its capacity to maintain the perfect distance between the soil-level and the structural base for an effective drainage system. It is not only user-friendly and eco-friendly, but also helps reduce soil migration and erosion. 

Reserve the date for a gala exhibition in the world of construction
Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E
United Arab Emirates
+9714 2236193



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