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Sage Metering is your source for monitoring and controlling the gas mass flow in your manufacturing process, building management system or environmental application. Our high performance, NIST Traceable, Thermal Mass Flow Meters will help increase productivity, reduce energy costs, maximize product yields, and/or help reduce environmental insult.

Sage provides high quality In-line and Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meters for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and environmental monitoring needs, including carbon credit verification for Greenhouse Gas Reduction.

Our experienced application engineers, many of whom have worked in the Thermal Mass Flow marketplace since its inception, will assist our customers in choosing the proper gas flow meter for their application – and will offer installation guidance to assure that the meter(s) selected will perform as accurately as possible.

Additionally, the Sage Service Staff is ready to support our customers with any after-sale assistance that may be required.

Sage Metering is a Sub-Chapter S Corporation founded in 2002 by Bob Steinberg (President/ CEO), William Mark Crawford (VP of Operations), Robert Trescott (VP of Engineering), and David G. Huey(Chief Financial Officer). Sage Metering has experienced a compound annual growth rate of over 30%, and currently has 20 employees.

Sage Metering has been an industry leader in high performance Thermal Mass Flow Meters, and has pioneered numerous innovations, including introducing a digital method of driving the sensor (versus the traditional drift-prone Wheatstone Bridge). We are the only Thermal MFM Manufacturer that provides an “In-Situ Calibration Check” that assures that the Flow Meter still retains the original NIST Traceable Calibration.

This simple 3-step check is conducted at a “No-Flow” (0 SCFM) condition, which aside from verifying the meter’s accuracy, also confirms that the sensor is clean, and that the Flow Meter hasn’t drifted or shifted.

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