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Landia, inventors of the Chopper Pump, are the company to call upon for all those hard-to-handle wastewater applications.

From municipal Lift/Pumping Stations clogged up with FOG (Fats, Oil, Grease) to biogas feedstocks, fish processing and much more, Landia’s proven pumps and mixers provide long-lasting, energy-efficient solutions.

Established in 1933, and with Landia creating the world’s first Chopper Pump in 1950, the company now has subsidiaries in the UK, America, Norway, China, Germany – as well as its headquarters in Denmark. The company prides itself on the back-up service it provides to its customers worldwide.

The Landia range also includes its acclaimed AirJet aerator, for which there is no need for compressors or diffusers.  In addition, Landia supplies systems for handling animal by-products, typically where they can be stored, processed and transported for further uses.

Specifically for biogas/AD, Landia’s GasMix digester mixing system is designed for easy maintenance, with no moving parts inside the tank. By mixing the whole digester, this Landia product can significantly improve gas yields.

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