Oil Transport in the Sahara

6 Nov 2019  |
"We have conquered the African market", knows Lotfi Chouba, Director Sales Africa at Leistritz Pumpen GmbH. "Our pumps are being used in numerous projects in the continent, for example in South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Angola".

In the following, we will show you a project that has been implemented in an oil field in Algeria. A Leistritz multi-phase pump is being used here.

In an oil field in Algeria

Conveying of crude oil and natural gas to a central processing plant is ensured in an oil field in Algeria by five Leistritz multiphase pumps. After the oil and gas are separated, the crude oil is transported across a distance of 700 kilometers across the Sahara to the Mediterranean Sea.

This conveyance of crude oil is a costly affair. By using the sophisticated technology of Leistritz multiphase pumps, customers profit from a decisive cost advantage (see operating principle below). “With our multiphase pumps, we have the best opportunity in the promising African market, which is why we want to expand our presence here further”, Lotfi Chouba is pleased to say.

Resource-sparing multiphase pumps

Multiphase pumps are used successfully across the world both in oil fields on land (onshore), on production platforms in the sea (offshore) as well as on production vessels (FPSOs) for oil extraction. The technology contributes towards conservation of resources and also contributes significantly towards reduction of the otherwise common practice of natural gas flaring.

During oil drilling, there occurs a mixture of crude oil, reservoir water, natural gas and solids. In remote areas and on oil rigs, crude oil is separated from the remaining substances, as the costs for an additional pipeline are frequently not economical. Therefore, the gas is uselessly burnt or flared off. This generates a large quantity of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

The multiphase pump by Leistritz can also convey solids and gases in addition to liquids. The separation of the multiphase mixture into individual components is done at a later point of time in the processing plant, so that the gas can serve other purposes, like for generating power. With the use of the multi-phase pumps, there is also no need for additional separators, crude oil processing plants, pumps, compressors and storage tanks. Besides the environmental aspect, it also contributes significantly towards cost reduction.

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