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VPVision Release 7: The New Outlook Towards Energy Management of Factory Utilities

VPInstruments is proud to introduce release 7 of the VPVision energy management system.

VPInstruments is proud to introduce release 7 of the VPVision energy management system. VPVision is the complete real-time energy monitoring solution for all utilities within your company. Real-time energy monitoring is key to energy savings. VPVision is your guiding hand to target energy savings and to improve the performance of your factory.

In this newest release 7, the VPVision software has gotten a complete make-over. The modern design offers better navigation, improved stability, and increased performance. The software is more intuitive and self-explanatory, making a user manual almost redundant. Release 7 features many upgrades, including:

  • Save time by remote access. VPVision is now cloud enabled. So, prevent costly on-site visits and perform remote audits and system checks. Furthermore, updating is just a matter of minutes, as updates can be done automatically over the air.
  • Quick navigation with linked widgets. No need to build complex dashboard and prevent a dataoverload. With the new linked widgets functionality, you can keep dashboard clean and simple for daily use, whereby more details can be accessed via the widgets.
  • The right dashboard for the right job. Each factory, and each compressed air system is different. VPVision’s improved page builder makes it even easier to create custom pages with the right 2 Van Putten Instruments BV Buitenwatersloot 335 2614 GS Delft The Netherlands T:+31-(0)15-213 15 80 F:+31-(0)15-213 06 69 Ch.of Commerce 27171587 VAT: 8083.58455.B01 Our general terms and conditions of sale apply. KPI’s / graphs / overviews / alarms and more. This combined with user profiles, ensures you can build the right dashboards for the right job.

With these new features, VPVision release 7 brings monitoring of your utilities to the next level.

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VPVision is the complete real time energy monitoring solution for all utilities within your company. Get real-time data on your usage and see the patterns on your supply and demand side. Take factual and well-founded decisions on your costs and investments.

Reveal the true costs of all utilities, including compressed air, technical gases, steam, vacuum, natural gas, electricity, wastewater, heating fuels etc. VPVision enables you to view data on any platform, from PC to smartphone. It will help your organization raise the energy awareness among your staff. It will be your guiding hand to target energy savings for individuals, teams or at company-wide level.

With VPVision you can:

  • Quantify energy savings activities
  • Reduce leaks and optimize maintenance
  • Monitor and optimize your control systems
  • Size and select the right equipment
  • Detect issues immediately with alarm and email messages
  • Allocate costs towards your machines/ production lines / departments.

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