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ARO’s Latest Innovative, Seal-less Process Pump Technology Boosts Starch Glue Application Energy Efficiency

30 Nov 2023  |
RO, a leading global provider of fluid-handling equipment and a part of the Ingersoll Rand group, has met some of the most pressing process needs of the cardboard manufacturing, packaging and pulp and paper industries by offering its innovative EVO Series™ seal-less process pumps that deliver unrivalled flow capabilities and market-leading energy efficiency. Thanks to the use of a breakthrough design with 3 chambers, these pumps ensure optimal product quality and lower energy consumption in mission-critical starch glue applications.

Biodegradable, renewable and thus seen as much more ecological than their petroleum-based alternatives, starch-based adhesives have been increasingly utilised in the production of paper and cardboard to bond multiple paper layers together. Starch glue feeding and recirculating is one of the most demanding tasks in these heavy-duty manufacturing processes, with the quality of the glue – which is very sensitive to high temperatures and excessive shear forces – being crucial for the achievement of the desired paper/cardboard properties.

To avoid filming, starch-based adhesives need to be pumped smoothly at a consistent, reliable rate with as little pulsation as possible. Diaphragm pumps have traditionally been the pumps of choice for this application which, due to the large pumping volumes required and the nature of the raw material used, entails major energy expenses. With process air generation accounting for a significant portion of paper and cardboard manufacturing plants’ total operating costs, the choice of the right diaphragm pump model can make a huge difference.

Designed with the rigorous requirements of the most challenging industrial processes in mind, ARO’s revolutionary EVO Series™ electric diaphragm pumps address the primary pain points of paper and cardboard makers. With their unique design featuring three process chambers, precise torque control and high-efficiency electric diaphragms, these pumps offer an extremely stable flowrate with very low pulsation levels and exceptional energy savings, compared to competitive positive-displacement pump models.

The EVO Series™ pumps are capable of gently handling starch-based glues with a wide range of viscosity levels without the use of an additional pulsation dampener, which prevents any damage to the quality of the adhesive and the finished end product itself. They are self-regulating, adapting easily to demand variations that are typical for starch glue applications. The pumps promptly react to sudden increases and decreases in flowrate requirements, which obviates the need to change the pump set-up when moving from full production load to recirculating load.

The above-mentioned characteristics, combined with the EVO Series™ electric diaphragm pumps’ robustness and durability even under high-load conditions, mean that in many situations one pump can actually perform the same job as two pumps derived from a different technology. “Using the EVO Series™, you can run only one pump at a time and have another one on stand-by to further optimize the energy consumption of your manufacturing plant without compromising, and often actually increasing, its productivity rate,” said one of ARO’s customers.

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