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European Launch of the Garlock 3-D Seal

2 Nov 2020  |
Garlock’s proven 3-D Seal is bringing process and quality benefits to the European food and process industries.

The Garlock 3-D Seal, which has already been used successfully in plants and applications in North America, is now bringing benefits in the European market.

What actually makes the Garlock 3-D Seal so unique? The Garlock 3-D Seal is designed for use in plants and applications where shaft deflection and run out are particularly challenging issues. This sealing system tolerates shaft movement of up to 25 mm. The Garlock PS-SEAL® technology ensures proven sealing. A bearing arrangement is used to maintain parallel alignment between the seal housing and the shaft. In addition, Garlock’s PTFE expansion joint accommodates the movements of the shaft. Repair kits are also available for easy and inexpensive maintenance.

Product advantages of the Garlock 3-D Seal include the excellent sealing ability in cases of extreme shaft deflection, the multi-lip design, which allows different sealing levels and configurations (pressure/vacuum), as well as the individual design of the Garlock 3-D Seal according to the application and installation.

Positive effects on maintenance times were confirmed by American engineers: “With this solution, the maintenance time in our plant has been reduced considerably and an inspection of the seal is now only required every year, unlike before, when the seal had to be checked several times a week. We can also hold the vacuum pressure reliably and continuously. We are so pleased with the results that the remaining vacuum pans are now being converted to the 3-D Seal”.

Of course, the Garlock 3-D Seal has all important and necessary European certificates and attestations.

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