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OMC MED Energy 2025

OMC MED Energy 2025
OMC MED Energy 2025

OMC MED Energy 2023 closed on October 26th, marking a significant milestone in its thirtieth year. The event’s success is evident in the numbers: over 14,000 attendees, more than 400 booths from 27 countries, and delegations from Cyprus, Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt, Mozambique, Iran, Malta, and Libya. The event featured distinguished participants in the four institutional panels, substantial contributions from the Italian government and the European Commission, 10 strategic sessions with stakeholders, experts, managers, and entrepreneurs, 18 technical sessions, and 26 commercial presentations.

Notably, there was enthusiastic participation in the four sessions of the Innovation Room, including the Starting up Challenge-ORa!, Energy Hackathon, Call4ideas MED, and Energy Transition4Highschool, where a diverse array of participants, including an Israeli start-up and researchers from Algeria, Turkey, Morocco, and Iran, took part. Additionally, over 600 students visited the event during its duration.

Beyond the sheer numbers and attendees, OMC 2023 stood out for its rich and strategic content. Over the course of three days, complex topics were explored, including the prospects for hard-to-abate companies.

Discussions spanned various tables on decarbonization, fusion, hydrogen, energy security, and digitalization—crucial themes not only for energy companies but for the future of all. In the event’s final panel, the pressing issue of sustainable mobility was addressed, featuring the participation of companies and associations from the rail, maritime, and aviation transport sectors.

08 Apr 2024 - 10 Apr 2024

Pala De Andrè

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