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Prevent Catastrophic Failures in your Flow Measuring System

Prevent Catastrophic Failures in your Flow Measuring System
Most flow meters employing a pulse output rely on a rotating element equipped with internal magnets. These magnets activate a solid-state sensor, generating a pulse output proportionate to the liquid flow rate.

Titan Enterprises, with over 40 years of expertise in flowmeter design and manufacturing, delineates potential reasons for sensor malfunction and offers preventative measures to avert costly repairs and operational interruptions.

Typically, Titan’s pulse precision flow measurement devices integrate high-quality Hall effect sensors operating within a voltage range of 4.0Vdc to 30Vdc. Despite correct installation, various scenarios may precipitate failures in Turbine and Oval Gear flow meters.

Common causes of flow sensor failure include:

  • Incorrect Wiring: Precision is crucial when connecting the sensor’s power supply and pulse output. Incorrect wiring, such as reverse polarity or short circuits, can abruptly and irreparably damage the sensor.
  • Unregulated Power Supply: Exceeding the sensor’s maximum voltage of 30Vdc can lead to unit damage. Employing a quality regulated DC power supply is advisable for pulse flow meters.
  • Electrical Interference / Voltage Spikes: Associated equipment containing inductive or electromagnetic components may generate voltage spikes during operation, surpassing the sensor’s tolerance. Proximity to high-power equipment can exacerbate electrical interference.

Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer at Titan Enterprises, notes: “The majority of damage often occurs during flowmeter installation. Even minor errors can render the meter non-operational, resulting in costly repairs, replacements, and process downtime that could have been prevented.”

Titan Enterprises manufactures over 74,000 flowmeters annually for a wide range of industries and applications, with a technical team to support customers, especially those unfamiliar with Titan’s products. Neil adds: “We provide comprehensive written instructions and data sheets with our flow meters and have produced installation tutorial videos to aid customers and mitigate any wiring mishaps that could harm the units.”

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With over 40-years experience in flow meter innovation, Titan Enterprises Ltd are a leading UK-based designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance liquid flow measuring solutions. From Titan’s innovative, low flow, through-bore Atrato® ultrasonic flow meters...

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