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Highly Efficient Air Nozzles

Highly Efficient Air Nozzles

EXAIR’s engineered air nozzles are the most efficient air nozzles available and can help optimize compressed air efficiency, especially when replacing homemade or commercial air nozzles. Air Nozzles produce outlet flows up to 25 times the compressed air consumption using a small amount of compressed air as the power source. Return on investment for EXAIR’s engineered air nozzles is generally weeks, not months or years. Less compressed air means less noise. The typical noise reduction is 10 dBA. An enormous range of nozzles are available from a tiny M4 x 0.5 thread to a large 1-1/4 NPT produce a gentle puff or a massive blast or air. All EXAIR Air Nozzles meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration maximum dead end pressure and sound level exposure requirements.

Safe and Efficient Use of Compressed Air

The inefficient use of compressed air for blowoff applications may create problems due to the energy costs, noise level and potential danger to personnel who are exposed to high pressure air. Open air pipes, copper tubes and drilled pipes are a few of the common abusers. They consume tremendous amounts of energy and often produce noise levels over 100 dBA.

Reduce Energy Costs

The best way to cut energy costs is through proper maintenance and use of the compressed air system. Leaks and dirty filters require maintenance on a regular basis. The most important factor to dramatically boost efficiency is proper use. Using engineered products like EXAIR’s Super Air Nozzles can cut operating costs since they use only a fraction of the compressed air of typical blowoffs.

Reduce Noise Levels

High noise levels are a common problem for many plants. Compressed air noise often exceeds OSHA noise level exposure requirements, resulting in hearing loss to those working in close proximity. Noisy blowoffs can be reduced to 74 dBA when using a Super Air Nozzle; and even lower with smaller Air Nozzles. At 80 PSIG, it is still possible to obtain hard-hitting force without the high noise. EXAIR offers a very large selection of Air Nozzles. The Atto Super Air Nozzle has a force of 2.0 ounces, while the Large Super Air Nozzles have a force up to 23 pounds. With the large selection of styles and materials available, you will find the Air Nozzle perfect for your application, while reducing your energy costs and noise levels.

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