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Reaching for Zero Pump Down-time at Cargill Chocolate Production Site

28 Aug 2023  |
Over the past year, DESMI, in partnership with 3E Solutions & Consulting and the Cargill Engineering Team, has played a pivotal role in improving pump utilization and maintenance efficiency at Cargill's chocolate production site. Through dedicated workshops, preventative maintenance checks, and close customer/supplier relationships, remarkable results has be achieved, leading to extended pump service life and near-zero unscheduled maintenance.

Partnership Spurs Pump Utilization Project Success

Working alongside 3E Solutions & Consulting, DESMI has provided support, training, and expert recommendations to enhance the competency of the site maintenance team in servicing and repairing pumps. This collaborative effort with the Cargill Engineering Team has resulted in a project aimed at dramatically improving pump utilization.

In a bid to achieve self-sufficiency in pump service and repair, Cargill invested in a dedicated clean-area workshop equipped with comprehensive stock holdings of new bare shaft pumps, service kits, and emergency spare parts. This investment has proven crucial to minimizing interruptions to production and optimizing pump performance.

Preventative Maintenance Checks for Optimal Pump Performance

3E Solutions & Consulting has been providing comprehensive preventative maintenance checks, ensuring all pumps operate optimally. Through detailed inspections, including running hours, packing, adjustments, and regreasing frequency, potential issues are detected early, resulting in planned pump change-outs, and extending service life up to 20 times.

A fantastic collaboration:

Chris Platt from 3E Solutions & Consulting praises DESMI’s spare parts kits, which simplifies pump servicing with all necessary parts included. The seamless collaboration and expert support from DESMI have been instrumental in drastically improving pump utilization

Danny Frost, M&R Engineering Manager at Cargill, expresses satisfaction with the outstanding collaboration between Cargill, DESMI, and 3E Solutions & Consulting. Thanks to the ongoing support from DESMI, technicians now pay closer attention to pump maintenance, leading to improved utilization and reduced interruptions to production.

Ray Jeffries, DESMI Industry Sales Manager for the UK, hails the maintenance regime, in-house service capability, and the close customer/supplier relationships as a model of best practice. The remarkable improvement in pump utilization is a testament to the value of such partnerships.

Reducing Maintenance Costs and Boosting Productivity Based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, 3E Solutions & Consulting has been providing on-site support to production facilities in the North of England. Their expertise has been crucial in reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity.

Cargill’s Chocolate Production- A Global Leader in Sustainability

As one of the largest producers of chocolate globally, Cargill supplies many household names with sustainable and fair cocoa and chocolate. The Speke site, equipped with DESMI ROTAN® internal gear pumps since the early 1990s, continues to rely on DESMI for its critical pumping needs.

DESMI: A Trusted Partner in Chocolate Production

With unrivaled experience and capability in supporting chocolate production, DESMI’s ROTAN® internal gear pump is widely recognized as the leading pump for chocolate. Established in 1978, DESMI Limited provides technical consultancy, sales, and service to the UK and Ireland markets, consistently delivering high-quality solutions to its customers.

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