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INOXPA CIP System: Greater Control And a More Efficient Cleaning Process

INOXPA CIP System: Greater Control And a More Efficient Cleaning Process
21 May 2020  |
INOXPA offers a wide range of CIP equipment suitable for cleaning processes for all types of installations in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, where strict cleaning results are required to ensure product quality.

INOXPA has a range of mobile CIP units, meaning that they can be moved close to equipment and installations requiring cleaning. Electrical resistances are normally used for heating and tanks with volumes up to 500 liters can be used. The equipment can be manually operated or automatic.

A range of static CIP units is also available, with all components (pumps, valves, heat exchangers, and instrumentation) mounted on a base frame. It also includes the control board. The tanks are placed directly onto the floor, which means that INOXPA can supply the CIP base frame and customers can buy tanks from local manufacturers.

INOXPA CIP systems can use 1 tank or up to 5-6 tanks. The equipment can have specific tanks for acidic products, alkaline products, water, recovered water, purified water, and disinfectant.

The equipment can be designed to clean just one line or several lines simultaneously. A CIP unit will have as many lines as production lines to be cleaned simultaneously. Sizing the tanks for a chemical product or water is very important so that different lines are fed simultaneously during operation.

The production quality department needs to work alongside a chemical product manufacturer in order to choose the right cleaning products for their production plant to ensure that it is cleaned correctly.

Once chosen, INOXPA will either select or design the CIP equipment that can operate with those cleaning products, varying the time, temperature and concentration in accordance with the technical specifications of the chemical products. It is also important to guarantee the flow rate to ensure a suitable mechanical cleaning effect.

Our customers are increasingly requesting reports on each cleaning process to ensure that the process was carried out correctly. This makes it essential for CIP units to be fully automatic, using scheduled programs for cleaning different installations or products. Automatically operated CIP systems can significantly reduce cleaning process time, prevent errors, and avoid exposing operators to unnecessary risks.

INOXPA supplies CIP units for the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, where there are specific demands in terms of operations and level of automation, to avoid cross-contamination, to guarantee that the process is carried out correctly, and to record the operator in charge of the cleaning program activation.

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