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BEL Valves

Our business is steeped in manufacturing history and credibility having designed and manufactured valves for over 50 years. We recognise that to achieve the highest levels of quality you must continue to invest in the highest calibre of people and processes. By continuing to develop and nurture the best talent we ensure that every employee is equipped with the skills and knowledge to execute and take ownership of the project.

Equally we know that to fully capitalise on your innovations you must continue to invest in the latest machine tools and software to execute each job with precision and efficiency. Equipped with the latest CNC lathes, vertical machining centres, horizontal boring mills, and grinding machines, we ensure the quality is maintained for every component from small, 3mm diameter to large 40 tonne work pieces. Offering this unique end to end suite of services from our headquarters, our site is also home to welding, paint, assembly, metallurgy and metrology laboratories and tungsten carbide coating facilities.

Flexible Manufacturing and Supply

We continually look at ways to gain efficiencies and therefore better value for our customers. By expanding our manufacturing capabilities overseas we’ve been able to take advantage of an alternative cost model whilst continuing to deliver an exceptional level of quality. With a flexible manufacturing supply, we adapt more quickly and freely to our customers’ needs. By utilising the global British Engines network we can garner significant cost savings for commodity items, but with the same high quality we demand for our critical components.

Strategically positioned to benefit from established procurement networks, all our production facilities act as hubs for procurement and manufacturing activity as an extension of our UK facility. Equally by situating ourselves within our key markets and closer to our customers, we are a close point of contact for service and spares activities delivering local support to our global customers.

BEL Valves
BEL Valves
11 Glasshouse Street, St Peters
Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 191 265 9091



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