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BLACOH Fluid Controls, Inc.

Don’t pump without us.

Pulsation, vibration, water hammer, surge… we’ve been solving pump problems since 1976.

Wherever vibration, pressure fluctuation, non-steady flow, noise, or rapidly wearing pump components are a problem or a significant disadvantage in the application, Blacoh can solve those problems to improve both the efficiency of the pump and the longevity of its components.

We are the industry standard for dampening pulsations created by positive displacement pumps.

Led by a global team of skilled professionals, Blacoh stands alone as the leader and foremost expert in the manufacture of fluid control products for municipal and industrial process industries, and virtually every application from the harshest chemicals to the most delicate cosmetics.

We serve many of the largest oil, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and petrochemical companies in the world through our global distribution network. Quality is critical. But, we don’t just make a quality product. The combination of product quality, efficiency in manufacturing, service excellence, expert knowledge, and rapid delivery times, offers customers a value package that we believe no other company in our market can beat.

We test every pulsation dampener we make before it ships to the customer. We receive an order, process it, acknowledge it, build it, and then test it overnight so it can ship the following morning. Every order. Every dampener. No exceptions.

Our delivery times are second to none. That’s what it takes to be the best. We’ve invested heavily in technology to automate all of the mundane, repetitive tasks involved in order processing so that each human interaction is completely focused on the customer and quality of the product.

Our customer service is incomparable to almost every other manufacturing company in the United States. We pride ourselves on that so much that instead of the term customer service, we call it Customer Focus. When we interact with a customer, we treat them like they’re the only customer we have. We give them our full attention company-wide. It doesn’t matter who you call or when you call Blacoh, you’re going to talk to a real person in three rings or less.

You can’t be customer focused without the right people with the right skills. We have an amazingly dedicated team working in an environment where they are proud of what they do and truly enjoy coming to work every day. When you have happy people, you can’t help but have happy customers.

Every time we meet with a customer they give us some insight into what our strategic plan and corporate vision will be going forward.

Since the beginning, our customers have been key in directing our progress and growth. They continue driving product innovations and expanding our market presence.

More and more of our customers are global and they need us on the ground to do what we do best. So, our recent growth has been both strategic and intentional. In addition to our North American offices in the US and Canada, we now have sales offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa. In the past few years many companies have drawn back from global markets in these uncertain geo-political and economic times. Not Blacoh. We are committed to expanding and growing globally more than ever. This commitment has resulted in the most rapid growth in our company’s history – and we’re just getting started.

BLACOH Fluid Controls, Inc.
BLACOH Fluid Controls, Inc.
601 Columbia Ave
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