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Deltrol Fluid Products

At Deltrol Fluid Products, our mission is to create and maintain an image of leadership, quality and integrity with our customers, employees and suppliers. We continually strive to be a world-class manufacturer of cartridge valves, custom manifold systems, and in-line valves.


Located in Bellwood, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, and founded in 1963, Deltrol Fluid Products designed and manufactured in-line accessory hydraulic and pneumatic flow, needle, and check valves. When screw-in style cartridge valve technology developed, our product offering expanded to include cartridge valves.

Now, over fifty years since our founding, we have expanded our product line to include a full line of solenoid and manual operated, directional control, flow control, and pressure control screw-in and slip-in style cartridge valves.

We offer a comprehensive line of standard products and thrive on providing custom valves and integrated circuits that meet our customers’ needs.


Our design group is divided into two cross-functional teams, which allows us to focus on product designs that meet our customers’ requirements. The valve design group can develop valves independently or integrate with our systems design group based on customers’ special applications and needs. Our three-dimensional modeling software enables us to create the most compact and efficient solutions for our customers.

Integrated manufacturing

Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility enables us to produce high quality, cost effective parts on site. Our state-of-the-art assembly and test equipment ensure efficient through-put that meets our demanding quality standards.


Our ISO 9001-2008 certified quality system ensures that our designs are produced to our customers’ expectations. Our robust design verification and vendor qualification systems insure smooth transition from concept to production. 100% of the products we produce are functionally tested with automated computer-driven test systems.


Our MRP based manufacturing system gives us the flexibility to meet our customers’ delivery system requirements. We are experienced in working with various customer implementations of pull order systems. We work closely to understand our customers’ ERP systems and have the flexibility to integrate our packaging and delivery with their requirements.

We take pride in our ability to provide high quality, cost effective customer solutions. We offer a wide range of standard products and excel at the opportunity to modify our current designs or develop unique products that meet our customers’ special needs.

If the solution you need is not available in our catalog or you have a special application, please contact us so we can develop a component or system that meets your specific demands. Whether it’s a unique environment, flow media, fit, or application, we are eager to work with you to provide products and services that make you most competitive in your marketplace.

Deltrol Fluid Products
Deltrol Fluid Products
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