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Founded in 1985, Fluenta is the global leader in the use of ultrasonic sensing technology for the measurement of flare gas, with more than 75% of the offshore market. Monitoring Flare Gas is a critical aspect of managing safety and profitability within the oil and gas industry as well as providing the basis by which oil companies pay certain taxes and report environmental issues.

Using the latest ultrasonic sensing technology – by far the most accurate means by which to monitor the flow of liquid or gas – Fluenta is extending its monitoring and measurement capabilities to the chemicals, security and medical markets.

With hundreds of years’ expertise in sensing, measurement and control, Fluenta’s management, research and development and operations teams can help you more accurately measure flow to make better business decisions.

Our customers include leading companies such as BP, Dow, Exxon, Shell, Siemens, Statoil, and Total.

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