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GCE was formed in 1987, but our story began much earlier. Our origins date from the invention of Oxy acetylene Cutting and Welding a major change in Industrial technology in the 20th Century. We recognized the potential of this new technology ahead of time and refined our products with a restless desire to develop new solutions.

Today, GCE is synonymous with professional gas control equipment. From day one we have solved customer challenges and supported critical industries throught pioneering R&D and the highest levels of safety.

GCE Cylinder Valves

GCE Group has a long and illustrious history in manufacturing and delivering safe, dependable valves, of which we are extremely proud. All the products we supply are backed by our lifetime support service and 2 year warranty.

All GCE Group valves are manufactured and independently tested in accordance with EN ISO standards by globally recognized Notified Bodies to assure you of robust, reliable service.

GCE Group cylinder valves are manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited, dedicated facility in the Czech Republic, with a proud 100-year long tradition of gas equipment manufacturer.

All valves are manufactured, tested and assured in accordance with EU directive and are π marked accordingly.

Each valve is then individually pressure tested as part of strict production monitoring.

Our Vision

We aim to be the preferred partner for safe, simple to use gas equipment solutions.

Our Mission

  • To serve our customers by providing outstanding products and excellent services.
  • To provide safe gas equipment solutions for all our customers which are sustainable for future generations.
  • To attract dedicated and experienced people by offering personal development in a challenging, international environment.
  • To satisfy our stakeholders by meeting their target for return on capital invested.

Our Core Values

  • Safety
    Safety is at the heart of everything we do. The safety of our customers, partners, employees and the well-being of our planet drive our thinking and actions. We use our experience, competence, and extensive safety experience to consistently deliver secure solutions.
  • Innovation
    Innovation starts from within at GCE Group. Our entire organization thrives on identifying new opportunities for innovation and problem-solving. Even small innovations that we make every day on behalf of our customers have a big and lasting impact.
  • Customer First
    Many companies say it, but GCE Group lives it: our customers are always our number one priority. This means dedicating our time and expertise to anticipating and responding to customer needs, in order to make their businesses even more successful.
  • Integrity
    We always strive to be open and honest and act in a manner that inspires mutual trust and respect. This is the foundation for all of our business dealings, and a key attribute of each of our employees.

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