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Gems Sensors & Controls designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and pre-assembled fluidic systems to exact customer application and manufacturing requirements. With over 50 years experience, and dedication to lean manufacturing and ISO certification.

Gems delivers personal attention, engineering expertise, and technical support to reduce development risks, improve the understanding of design issues, and quickly identify the right solutions. Decades of application engineering provides the perspective and experience to quickly prototype, build, and deliver components, sub-assemblies or systems exactly to your critical requirements .

Research and development teams simulate actual application environments and perform rigorous environmental testing. Each fluidic component and sub-assembly is individually designed and 100% pre-tested for specific applications: from liquid to pneumatic, cryogenic to high temperature, or vacuum to high-pressure systems. Experience has taught us which technologies and product characteristics provide effective solutions to customers’​ problems.

Gems Sensors & Controls
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