GREENPUMPS is specialised in the design and application for water treatment, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and refinery applications.

Special and extreme applications is our daily business.

Greenpumps are a young company specialized in magnetic drive sealless pumps design and manufacturing.

Our mission is working for the future giving “zero emissions” to preserve our environment.

We strongly believe that a clean environment is the best heritage for the next generations. We are daily committed to make it happen.

Environment and tecnology without compromises.

Our pumps and process background started in the 80’s when Paolo, one of the Greenpumps’ partners joined the company that was one of the precursors of the magnetic drive pumps, “Caster”.

In the 2000‘s also Luca reached Caster after his experience in Foster Wheeler, an important international contractor.

After many years with Sundyne corporation, they both have founded Greenpumps.

Our vision is to find new technological environmental solutions.

At present Greenpumps is located close to Padua in Italy.

Via Antonio Canova, 6/8
Angelo di Piove di Sacco
+39 049 9705782
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