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Transus Instruments Pty Ltd was established in August 2012, as a fully independent Research and Development service provider.

Transus Instruments has its headquarters in Hobart, Australia. The principals, and founding partners, are based in Australia, North America and Europe.

Each of the principals brings with them decades of experience and each has contributed to the development of a broad range of ultrasonic flowmeters and other instruments. Their shared knowledge of the industry is unmatched, and enhanced by previous experience in senior management positions in other leading companies. In 2016 Transus Instruments introduced the UIM 4F custody transfer 4 path gas flowmeter and the UIM-3 3 path general purpose gas flowmeter. See the Products page for details.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the world in the development of accurate, efficient and robust ultrasonic metering products, providing unique solutions for harsh application metering, as well as significantly reducing the cost of ownership to our customers.

Past Projects and technology

  • In our company’s short history, we have established a track record of innovative products, including:
  • The patented Broadband Continuous Wave (BCW) system, which allows the simultaneous interrogation of several ultrasonic paths, with improved response time, SNR and power usage.
  • A custody transfer flowmeter based on the BCW.
  • A high accuracy, low power, low cost Intrinsically Safe flowmeter.
  • Low cost, high efficiency gas tranducers for hazardous areas and harsh environments.

Our capabilities

Transus Instruments can support any phase of your project development cycle from concept development to industrialisation.

We are a team of highly qualified engineers in all relevant disciplines, including a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Manager, who coordinates project reporting and ensures that goals, budgets and timelines are met.

Transus Instruments Pty Ltd
Transus Instruments Pty Ltd
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