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WEKA has specialized in measuring the level of liquid media in tanks whose content cannot be monitored directly by means of a visual inspection carried out by the operator.

Whether in submarines, on offshore platforms, in the chemical industry or in the research sector: It is more and more often the case that toxic or highly pure media are used, or containers are under pressure or exposed to high temperatures. In all cases, it is undesirable or not possible to open the containers, but the level must still be measured in a safe and often continuous manner.

For this purpose, WEKA has taken advantage of the principle of magnetic transmission. Magnets whose position can be indicated from the outside electrically or visually are installed in a float which swims on the surface or on an interface. This method has the advantage that distances of several millimeters up to centimeters can be bypassed. This results in large wall thicknesses which can be used for high pressures.

The float principle is ideally suitable for media with foam formation or moving surfaces, since the buoyancy is a physical law that does not require any further calculation and only depends on the density of the liquid. The float principle is therefore also ideal for interface measurement, such as oil on water, as with oil separators, in which the water level below the oil is to be measured.

The operating principle is extremely robust and can be used in a wide temperature range.

The VLIs (Visual Level Indicators) are particularly suitable in all cases in which it is possible to measure the level on the outside of the tank or on top of the tank. With this level indicator, the level is directly indicated visually and intuitively.

For all other tanks for which it is not possible to install the instrument on the outside, TLIs (Tank Level Instruments) which measure the level in the same manner, but transmit an electrical signal that is then indicated on an indicating instrument are the ideal solution.

Versions with ATEX and IECEx which may be used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres are also available for both systems.

Whether with VLIs or TLIs, we are able to cover a variety of applications with a wide range of standard products. Based on our many years of experience and steadily expanding expertise, we are especially enjoy dealing with the individual demands of customer-specific tasks and finding the right solutions.

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