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New Generation of Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow – Meter

Water supply and distribution networks these days are more and more essential for communities, cities, regions or countries.

A precise flow measurement allows for accurate recording and billing of water consumption, enables the early detection of water leaks and is an integral part of the entire water resource and supply management.

With the new product RISONIC compact Rittmeyer sets new standards. It provides highest precision and reliable measurements in a drift-free flow measurement solution. Thanks to non-intrusive transducers, cost of installation is low, no operation outage and no pipe cutting is required. The RISONIC compact meets also the latest IT security standards and offers protection against cyber-attacks. This includes latest interfaces and encrypted protocols only, built-in firewall, data logger feature; remote access control/monitoring and it is IoT capable.

With all these features RISONIC compact is designed to meet the highest expectations of users. Rittmeyer AG once again commits to uncompromising product quality with installation and commissioning simplicity allowing seamless implementation of flow meters throughout plant processes.

Rittmeyer is #1 in ultrasonic flow measurements – with more than 20’0000 installations worldwide. 

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