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Panametrics Sentinel High-Accuracy Ultrasonic Flow Meters – the Right Technology for Your Application

From custody transfer to allocation to leak detection, Panametrics Sentinel ultrasonic flow meters are bringing high-accuracy measurements to more pipeline applications than ever before.

Liquid Custody Transfer: Custody transfer requires the highest level of accuracy of any pipeline application. That’s why operators choose Sentinel flow meters. They deliver custody transfer-level performance, accurate and repeatable flow measurements, and a design that’s rugged and easy to integrate.

Allocation Measurement: Sentinel meters use a multipath inline flow meter method that permits a wide range of measurement for liquid hydrocarbons, making them ideal for custody transfer as well as allocation measurement applications. Whether you’re supporting ownership allocation or allocation in a comingled flow, you can count on Sentinel meters to deliver the accuracy you need.

Pipeline Leak Detection: Keep people, the environment, and your company’s reputation safe from harm by monitoring pipeline leaks with Sentinel meters. Ultrasonic flow meters like Panametrics Sentinel LCT8 provide enhanced diagnostics that compensate for changes in flow, giving you better visibility into your system and better confidence to determine real from false alarms.

Critical Liquid Processes: For any measurement requiring high accuracy and low uncertainty, you can count on the precision of Sentinel flow meters to deliver the performance you need.

Meet the Sentinel high-accuracy ultrasonic flowmeters. And see why they’re the last word in flowmeter technology.

Panametrics Sentinel flow meters deliver custody transfer-level measurement, easy integration, rugged construction, and reliable performance – even in the unstable conditions of typical pipelines. When you spec a Sentinel flow meter, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the high-accuracy measurements and insights you need to operate cost-effectively and free from false alarms.

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