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Smart Switch Box For Pneumatic Actuators

Switch boxes are the products which show the position of the valves controlled by pneumatic actuators and which can be contact output from the switches according to this current position.

Smart switch boxes are the devices that can display the positions of the actuators as well as control and status monitoring.

In some valves used in industrial applications, safety is at the forefront. Where the control of the valves is important, the control of the actuators used is also very important. There is a need for intelligent control devices for the detection of failures that occur in the actuators immediately and before the occurrence of failures.

TORK Smart Switch Box, developed to provide solutions to this need. Smart Switch Box (SSB) is an intelligent device that suggests the maintenance without failure, control pneumatic actuators, make status monitoring, functionality testing and analysis by taking information from the sensor.

SSB in general; instantly monitors and controls the status of the actuators. It provides energy saving. It shows the number of times the actuator has been switched on and off from the first day and after it has been reset with two different meters and measures the temperature. By analyzing the data, it provides information about possible failures and provides maintenance without malfunction.


Thanks to SSB, the actuator can be controlled online via the web and manually via the device or automatically with the control signal.

After logging in with user name and password for control over the web, it creates traceability, control and fault warnings and is a product within the scope of internet of objects. Smart control box (SSB) is controlled manually with 4 buttons and the necessary settings can be made. The LEDs on the top of the screen also provide visual information. On the monitoring screen, the identification information of the actuator, status of being connected to the internet, meter information, port A and B air pressure values, opening and closing time, status information and temperature value can be monitored instantly.

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