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8000XHT High/Low Extreme-Temperature Liquid Flow Meter

8000XHT High/Low Extreme-Temperature Liquid Flow Meter
17 Jul 2018  |
Proteus offers a liquid flow meter that operates at liquid temperatures from -80 to 200 C /-112 to 392 F. Providing an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective measurement of heat transfer fluids.

The 8000XHT has a unique operational mechanism that depends on embedded alternating magnets. The magnets (north and south) spin as the water flows through the sensor cavity, creating a spin in the rotor that transfer pulses through two flux concentrators to switch the two Hall-effect sensors mounted on the main electronics board. A microcomputer is embedded in the 8000XHT that monitor the rotational frequency of the rotor, scaling the factors into a flash memory to calculate the volumetric flow rate. The flow rate information is measured at an output between 0-10 or 0-5 VDC and 4-20 mA.

8000XHT High/Low Extreme-Temperature Liquid Flow Meter

The 8000XHT has an adjustable relay trip point, programmed to change the state when measured outflow is below a preset alarm value. The tricolor LED on the device gives a visual indication of the liquid flow status. To ensure accuracy and to prevent unwanted tampering, each device comes with an alarm trip point, preset by the factory. The factory setting for upper flow limit is 15%; however, customers can request a customized trip point setting at the time of order.

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