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Accredited “Oil Free” Oxygen Clean Pressure Calibration Service

LOX and GOX systems utilised in the medical, marine, aviation, submarine, offshore and space environments require a high level of oxygen cleanliness.

The Young Calibration team in West Sussex, UK have a dedicated oxygen clean facility. The ISO Class 6 cleanroom provides a range of cleaning, inspection, analysis and packing solutions for all “oil free”, “oxygen clean” pressure calibrations.

Understanding the bespoke requirements for specific application areas the facility offers all the requirements of gauge inspection, cleaning, calibration, analysis, packing and labelling. Having to please its’ range of customer demands, the company offers a range of oxygen clean solvents for cleaning, flushing and extraction, with gravimetric, white light, black light, microscopic particle analysis and FTIR spectroscopy.  

Working to several industry specific standards including ASTM G93, MIL-STD-1330D, EIGA and SITA the company can tailor its process to suit individual cleanliness level requirements.

Full system documentation, traceability, certification and timestamped results analysis are available for the complete package. Coupled with the ISO 17025 accreditation, UKAS accredited oxygen clean pressure calibrations can be undertaken for gauges and transducers from MEL, WIKA, King Nutronics, BOC, Budenberg, Stanhope Seta, Ashford, Sensorone and McMaster-Carr.

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The Young Calibration laboratory provides UKAS accredited calibration (Laboratory 0604) services and thermal fluid and component testing services to a wide scope of industries whilst maintaining a reputation for quality, cost effectiveness, impartiality and reliability....

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