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Advanced Flow and Water Quality Instrumentation Improving Wastewater Treatment Operations

7 May 2024  |
With over 118 years of proven technology and innovation, Badger Meter is at the forefront of commercial and industrial water and wastewater monitoring, providing tailored solutions for the most demanding and hazardous applications.

Our flow instrumentation, water quality sensing, and cloud-based software solutions deliver accurate, real-time data essential for operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and sustainability.  Water treatment facilities must ensure that wastewater is of a suitably high standard and complies with regulatory standards in order to protect the health of local communities and the surrounding environment.  Complex operational processes demand the highest flow and water quality monitoring accuracy and reliability, as well as long term stability and low cost of ownership. Badger Meter wastewater treatment solutions meet the challenge, and our unique portfolio offers the best in function to provide effective management and system optimization.

Optimizing Wastewater Treatment: ATI EchoSmart and FilterSmart Monitors

Continuous and real-time sludge blanket and gravity filter monitoring with EchoSmart and FilterSmart technology.

Measuring and managing the depth of the sludge blanket is one of the most critical challenges in the production of good quality effluent from wastewater treatment plants.  By measuring sludge levels in primary and secondary sedimentation tanks operators can ensure sludge extraction pumps are used efficiently and ensure that poorly settled sludge does not carry over into effluent paths, therefore protecting water quality in the natural environment.

The ATI EchoSmart Monitor by Badger Meter can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries, such as sludge thickeners in wastewater, primary or final settlement tanks and also within clean water treatment process. Providing contactless measurement through ultrasonic soundwaves, the EchoSmart removes the need for manual sampling. With the added option for additional turbidity measurement, it is highly adaptable, programmable to suit different tank shapes and sizes and easy to install and operate, providing a cost effective, reliable and accurate system.

The ATI FilterSmart Backwash Monitor by Badger Meter is revolutionizing the way water professionals manage their gravity filters. System operators have previously relied upon the surrogate measurements of flow rate and time to manage the backwash process, however, through the use of an ultrasonic sensor to measure media expansion and a state of the art turbidity sensor to provide accurate turbidity measurements,  the FilterSmart system provides clear visibility of what is happening during each and every backwash, allowing operators to control and manage the process like never before.   

These two measurements provide an extremely accurate profile of the backwash and become a powerful tool for optimizing filter performance. Equipped with this insight, operators can virtually eliminate media loss and mud-ball formation, in most cases reduce water usage, and improve overall filter health and efficiency.

Discover how both FilterSmart and EchoSmart are delivering cost effective solutions for a Florida water treatment plant in this latest case study.

Badger Meter’s ModMAG M2000: MCERTS Certified

Badger Meter are delighted to announce that our ModMAG M2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is now MCERTS certified.

The M2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter has been put through its paces in a comprehensive set of laboratory and field tests and is officially the first member of the Badger Meter family to receive MCERTS certification.

The UK Environment Agency established its Monitoring Certification Scheme to ensure that environmental measurements can be made in line with their high quality requirements, provide the framework for the safe monitoring of liquid flow such as trade and sewage effluent, issue certification for equipment complying to their performance standards and safeguard the health and safety of our rivers and oceans by guaranteeing that everyone involved in the measurement of waste water discharge is working within the same parameters and providing accurate data to the Environment Agency.

MCERTS are fast becoming an industry standard, and this certification represents a key turning point for Badger Meter within the UK wastewater sector.  To continue reading click here.

Organics Monitoring Solutions

With one of the main goals of wastewater treatment being the reduction in pollutant levels being released into natural waters, reliable real time monitoring of organics on influent and effluent streams is an essential component on any treatment plant. With increasing frequency plants are including systems to monitor parameters such as COD, TOC, BOD and TSS to ensure that when water leaves the treatment plant it meets regulatory standards as it re- enters the water cycle.

The s::can Spectro::lyser by Badger Meter offers a multiparameter, power efficient and virtually maintenance free solution, providing accurate, drift free data and stable, reliable operations through state of the art UV-Vis spectrometry measurement technology.  Discover how the Ottinger Brewery in Germany uses the Spectro::lyser to continually measure the organics levels within its industrial waste water prior to river discharge in the following case study.

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