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Can You Mix Your Fluids?

2 Oct 2019  |
Young Calibration flow laboratory has provided flow calibration services since 1996 on oil, fuel, water and glycol fluids and mixtures.

In todays’ demanding and risk averse environment do you expect your flowmeter calibration to be conducted on your operational fluid and has this incurred additional cost with your present service provider? In 90% of the cases you will be provided with a flowmeter calibration on the closest fluid match.

You do not need to settle for this, speak Young Calibration, a company who understands the effect of fluid density, viscosity, temperature and pressure on the calibration measurement process. Having a range of over 30 stock fluids and nine flow calibration stands the laboratory is a prime position to offer cost effective bespoke fluid calibrations, whether this be on fuels, oils, alcohols, inks or synthetic solutions, Youngs can be a match for your flow calibration.

Covering 1 ml/hr to 4000 l/min across 0.1mm diameter to 150 mm line size on turbine, coriolis, ultrasonic, magnetic, PD and ultrasonic flowmeters. The versatile fluid calibration facility ranges from 1 cc/min to 700 l/min with both gravimetric and transfer standard meters as reference devices.

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The Young Calibration laboratory provides UKAS accredited calibration (Laboratory 0604) services and thermal fluid and component testing services to a wide scope of industries whilst maintaining a reputation for quality, cost effectiveness, impartiality and reliability....

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