Cortec® Water Treatment ‘Building Blocks’ Help Formulators Stand Out from the Crowd

Cortec® water treatments stand apart from the crowd in terms of effectiveness, convenience, and worker-friendliness.

Water treatment formulators and service providers can transfer these same qualities to their own formulations by taking advantage of Cortec® building blocks and standalone additives for water treatment. Cortec’s additives allow formulators to focus on the aspect of water treatment that they do best while enhancing their products with Cortec® corrosion protection technology or other basic properties.

Cortec’s signature technology is corrosion protection in the vapor phase. Rather than only protect metals in direct contact with the treated water, Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors vaporize and travel through the headspace inside the system to form a protective corrosion inhibiting layer on accessible metal surfaces above the water level. This multi-phase protection can be found in several of Cortec’s water treatment building blocks, including S-69, M-95, and M-640 L.

Cortec® also offers standalone corrosion inhibitor additives that water treatment service providers can use in specialty applications. For example, S-15 can be used in medium to high pressure boilers as a total replacement for highly toxic hydrazine. The S-10 Series offers corrosion protection from carbonic acid in steam condensate lines. S-69 is adaptable to chilled and hot water systems up to 176 °F (80 °C) and provides effective corrosion protection at low dosages. The M-640 Series serves as an excellent replacement for silicates and phosphate/nitrite-based/amine compounds and is designed for use in heat exchange fluids, antifreeze, coolants, and water and glycol-based closed-loop systems up to 302 °F (150 °C).

In many cases, formulators desire to combine corrosion inhibitors with other chemistries such as scale inhibitors for high mineral waters or defoaming agents where excessive foam is expected. Cortec® offers basic building blocks for these needs, as well. The S-14 Series delivers antiscalants that are very efficient in preventing the formation of precipitates. S-16 Defoamer is a silicone-based anti-foaming agent good for tank side defoaming or other applications that require foam control. It is designed for use with Cortec® VpCI® products.

Water treatment formulators and service providers are experts at what they do, drawing on the experience of years to deliver the treatments they know are most relevant to their customers. Cortec’s expertise in corrosion control makes them the ideal resource for supplying world-class corrosion protection technologies for use in new or existing water treatment formulations, or as standalone products for formulators to pass on to their water treatment clients. With Cortec® technologies, formulators can focus on their area of expertise and maximize the performance of their own formulation by adding Cortec® building blocks to the equation.

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