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Flow Sensor, Volume Meter, and Thermometer in a Single Device

Flow Sensor, Volume Meter, and Thermometer in a Single Device
22 Jan 2020  |
Users now only need one device for applications that previously required three devices.

The new OMNIPLUS-F thermal flow sensor enables measurement of flow speed, temperature and volume of fluid media with a universal device.

It offers intuitive operation, robust industrial quality and it is future-proof, thanks to the IO link. A do-it-all measuring device for better product safety with high user comfort with reduced effort and costs.

The new sensor measures the flow speed and temperature of liquid media according to the calorimetric measuring principle. When the pipe diameter is known, it is also capable of converting the measured speed into a volume flow and thus also counting the volumetric flow. It is a reliable all-in-one device designed for industrial use – particularly for cooling and lubrication circuit monitoring, as well as for pump protection.

Multi-function ring: well-rounded for intuitive use

More user comfort is an additional key feature: With its rotating and pressable multifunction ring, the OMNIPLUS-F flow sensor can be parameterized completely and intuitively without a manual or connected PC. Together with the easily understood information in the clear digital display, users benefit from improved user comfort even in difficult conditions.

‘With the three measurement variables in a single device, intuitive operation and IO-Link functionality, the OMNIPLUS-F thermal flow sensor reduces costs and is future-proof in robust industrial quality.’

Fit for Industry 4.0 with IO-Link

The IO-Link functionality makes the OMNIPLUS-F offers a truly future-proof device for upcoming Industry 4.0 applications. Whether for preventative maintenance, process data or measurement recording – the integrated digital interface makes the flow sensor fit for the next evolutionary stage of sensor technology. In the process, IO-Link enables not only access to all measurements and status variables but also all configuration parameters, if they should be transmitted to a different sensor.

Non-wearing and robust industrial quality

With the calorimetric measuring principle, a pressure-proof and hermetically sealed stainless-steel probe is submerged in the liquid. Because the probe does not have any moving parts and is practically wear-free, the system availability is also increased thanks to the reliable method of operation. The robust industrial quality also pays off for users in the long-term with the stainless-steel housing certified with IP67 protection rating, the pressure resistance of up to 200 bar and a scratch-proof mineral glass face. Not lastly, the high-quality impression and appealing product design make the do-it-all OMNIPLUS-F a true highlight.

Quick measurements with versatility in the process

The OMNIPLUS-F is not only the most universal, but it is also one of the fastest thermal flow sensors available. This is due to the special application method of the sensors in the probe tip. The sensor can also be equipped for connection to the pipeline, which makes a versatile process adaptation possible. In the process, the choice comes down to the individual case and the requirements of the application.

Not only does the measurement with two temperature sensors offers the advantage of quicker measurements,  with the regulation of the heat output, but the thermal energy supplied to the liquid is also minimized so that no relevant heating of the medium to be measured takes place.

The device has an analog output that can be configured as a current or voltage output. Two switching outputs can be used for limit value monitoring and as a frequency or pulse output. In the process, all outputs are flexible for the evaluation of all three measurement variables. Adjustment to a different medium to be measured, such as water, oil or emulsions can take place simply and locally with adjustment of the measurement curve.

As a result, OMNIPLUS-F users benefit from a robust, intuitively operated and universal flow sensor with integrated temperature measurement. With the all-in-one concept, time is already saved at the time of commissioning, because no additional temperature measuring line is needed. As a result, additional production safety is provided at a lower cost.

An additional advantage is a high-quality service that is available locally, quickly and personally from the GHM GROUP.

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