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The Advances of Surface Channel Technology in Gas Flow Control

The Advances of Surface Channel Technology in Gas Flow Control
Bronkhorst High-Tech, in collaboration with the University of Twente, has conducted an in-depth exploration of various gas flow control applications, aiming to discern the genuine needs and aspirations of users. Focused particularly on applications suitable for MEMS technology, the pioneering 'Surface Channel Technology' has emerged as a key innovation. This collaborative effort has led to the formulation of a new product line, steering technical developments towards addressing the evolving demands of flow control applications. 

Gas flow control in action 

Gas flow control is integral to numerous industries, spanning from manufacturing to analytical processes. Whether for cooling, heating, or reacting purposes, gas flow controllers serve as crucial components. Gas dosing, facilitated by sensors measuring flow rates and valves regulating them, is central to these operations.  

Diverse applications 

The applications of gas flow control span a broad spectrum of industries. This includes analytical equipment used for measuring environmental samples or producing vaccines in bioreactors. Additionally, applications extend to surface treatments such as reactive sputtering, as well as emerging technologies like hydrogen flow control for fuel cells. Moreover, gas flow measurement combined with pressure control finds utility in research and testing, particularly in detecting gas leaks in industrial parts. 

Market requirements 

Within the realm of flow control, discernible trends towards enhanced efficiency are apparent. Bronkhorst marketeers diligently monitor these market trends to remain ahead of the curve. Leveraging MEMS sensor technology, renowned for its stability, speed, and compactness, the focus remains on refining these properties. These ideas serve as a guiding principle for product development endeavors, ensuring alignment with market requirements. 

Insights for product development 

Bronkhorst extensive market studies have revealed critical insights into user preferences regarding flow control systems. Users prioritize attributes such as speed, versatility, stability, and compactness, reflecting the increasing demand for precision and efficiency in both industrial and laboratory settings. Additionally, the need for flexibility to accommodate a wide range of applications is paramount, facilitating efficient inventory management practices.  

A wafer of MEMS flow sensor chips, made with Surface Channel Technology.

Introducing Bronkhorst’s latest innovation : FLEXI-FLOW Compact 

Building upon the groundbreaking Surface Channel Technology, Bronkhorst proudly presents its latest advancement: the FLEXI-FLOW Compact series. Representing a significant leap forward in gas flow control, FLEXI-FLOW Compact sets a new standard for versatility and precision, catering to the needs of researchers and process engineers. 

FLEXI-FLOW Compact Mass Flow Controllers, single and multi-channel configurations. 

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