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S.I.D.E. Industrie is a French family company specialized for over 30 years in solutions for the pumping of “difficult fluids”. Based on practical expertise in the field, the development of our product range is the result of 30 years of research, and from listening to the daily concerns of users and designers, enabling us today to offer innovative solutions which are both simple and complete. Many are already standard use in Europe for several years now. All our products are individually manufactured and tested, like the DIP Systeme®, at our Villemer site, 1 hour from Paris.

All our products are manufactured and tested at our Villemer site, 1 hour from Paris and. We count now over 2000 references, including new pumping stations and renovation of existing installations.

By lifting gravity effluent directly at the point of entry, without water loading or a wet well, the DIP SYSTEME® overcomes the drawbacks of retained volumes of effluent such as dangerous gases (H2S), smells, sand and grease accumulation, equipment corrosion, structural erosion, clogged floaters; and offers access safety.

The DIP SYSTEME®  is then the ideal solution for communities that want to modernize or extend their wastewater collection networks as it makes it possible to design durable and economical pumping stations with no wet well. The absence of a collection tank eliminates costly cleaning operations of traditional units and eliminate at the same time the complaints from residents living close to an installation that produces unpleasant odors and the risks for maintenance technicians.

SIDE Industrie offers a whole range of products such as SIDINOX ready-to-connect online lifting stations, the DomoDIP individual system, the complete range of DIP Systems, PM electro-pumps.

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