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A Winning Formular for Liquid Flow Measurement

When the requirements of a specific flow application or the industrial process demands cannot be adequately met by a standard flow meter, turning to a customised application-engineered measurement device may be the solution.

Titan Enterprises works with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers in developing modified and bespoke liquid flow meters outside of our standard range of oval gear, turbine and ultrasonic flow sensors, driving our partnership innovation in key sectors. Through these OEM collaborations, companies can leverage advanced sensor technology, specialised expertise and customised solutions to address challenging liquid flow applications and environments.

Complex industrial production processes often involve high pressures and temperatures, posing safety risks and potential for error. Standard ‘off-the-shelf’ liquid flow meters can be difficult to install in small spaces or hard-to-reach areas, intricate pipe systems, and environments with variable flow rates. Where a standard flowmeter may not adequately handle such demanding conditions, an application-optimised flow meter may satisfy such needs. Designed to be integrated into existing equipment and to match the exact OEM requirements of the process application, Titan has the experience and engineering skills to develop and manufacture a tailored flowmeter solution.

Trevor Forster, Managing Director of Titan Enterprises, says: “The way we work with customers from research, development, through to production, has enabled us to solve many OEM application issues. Through that process, we’ve helped customers decrease their assembly times, improve efficiency, and provide extra functionality.”

This synergy accelerates the development and implementation of precise, reliable, and efficient flow measurement systems, enabling more accurate monitoring and control in various industrial applications.
Neil Hannay, Senior Development Engineer with Titan Enterprises, explains: “Titan’s flow meters are typically incorporated into much larger industrial systems where accurate, reliable recording or control are required. OEM customers come to us with a problem or need and we scope out a bespoke design concept that has the potential to solve this.”

From budget costing, research and test through to prototypes and full production, Titan have developed optimised flow metering solutions for a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Disposable flowmeters for medical applications
  • Fuel metering systems for F1 racing cars
  • Bespoke turbine flowmeters for agrochemical dosing applications
  • Monitoring coolant delivery to laser systems
  • High pressure, intrinsically safe oval gear units for offshore oil drilling additive injection
  • Dual-flow meters for the beverage industry

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