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Easy to Integrate

Easy to Integrate
11 Apr 2024  |
The new generation of the MEM+ gas mixer series from Witt is all about connectivity. There are no fewer than seven different interfaces to choose from. This allows the gas mixers to be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, such as packaging machines, laser welding machines or other systems in which protective or process gases are used. It goes without saying that the new gas mixers from the world market leader deliver accuracy and absolute consistency, ensuring the best results from your process.

Analogue 4-20 mA, Ethernet, CanBus, OPC UA as standard and optionally Profinet, RS232 or analogue 0-10V – with the MEM+, the user has a wide range of communication and control options. The gas mixers can be operated remotely via a PC, PLC or machine controller, for example. Every parameter can be conveniently queried, set and documented. Of course, operation is also possible directly on the device, and this is particularly intuitive thanks to its touchscreen and its optimised menu navigation. Pre-defined mixtures can also be selected in a matter of seconds.

The MEM+ series offers modern gas mixing systems for two to three non-flammable gases, e.g. N2, CO2 or O2. Inside, motorised proportional valves operate electronically. These allow precise mixture adjustment in steps of 0.1 per cent, activated with extremely short reaction times. In less than three seconds, the desired gas mixture is effected, usually over the entire proportioning range of 0-100%, with an accuracy of better than ±1% absolute. 

Numerous features ensure high accuracy and long-term mixture stability, and thus high process reliability. Pressure equalisation makes the gas mixers insensitive to pressure fluctuations in gas supply pressures. The inlet pressures are also continuously monitored by pressure transmitters and an alarm is triggered if the pressure is too low. A potential-free contact can also be used to stop the entire machine, for example. Even fluctuating flowrates or even intermittent flows are no problem thanks to the buffer tank. For additional safety, the mixer can be combined with a gas analyser for continuous monitoring and documentation of the gas mixture generation.

Depending on the amount of gas required, the MEM+ series offers various models with different mixed gas outputs. The maximum inlet pressure is 20 bar, the maximum outlet pressure is 10 bar. In principle, 3-gas mixers can also be used to generate 2-gas mixtures. The devices are manufactured in splash-proof housings made of brushed stainless steel and are particularly robust and durable.

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