Kobold’s Digital Pressure Gauge with Outstanding Specification and Features

Kobold have released the latest version of their electronic digital pressure gauge: model MAN-SC

New on the market and unique in their properties, these intelligent digital pressure gauges are used for displaying, monitoring and remote transmission of pressure-dependent operating processes in machines, process installations, and, ideal for portable pressure measuring test kits. The pressure is measured by a quality ceramic or metal sensor. The display is via an alphanumeric liquid crystal display with 16mm high digits, providing clear and precise indication, as well as status information.

Outstanding Characteristics

✔ Excellent price-performance ratio
✔ 5-digit and 14-segment alphanumeric display with digit height of 16 mm
✔ Touchpads for programming
✔ Largest choice of engineering units including “user defined unit”
✔ Peak value memory
✔ Alternating pressure / force display
✔ Force measurement via freely programmable reference area input (e.g. for mechanical tensile tests of anchors and fastenings)

MAN-LC special features

✔ IO-Link
✔ Backlight
✔ Linear frequency output
✔ up to 2 potential free relay contacts
✔ 2 outputs (freely configurable by the customer)
✔ Battery power supply
✔ Outstanding battery life (2 ½ years)

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