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City Plunges Forward, Flushing Problems and Saving Over $100,000 in 8 Months Post-Installation Away

25 Oct 2023  |
“Flushables” were clogging pumps daily in the sewer system in Palestine, Texas a city of over 18,000 residents that processes 25 MGD. Items ranging from wipes, plastics, clothing, rags, trash bags, and other non-flushable debris clogged the pumps, resulting in costly catastrophic equipment downtime.

These items cluster together, forming “rag balls,” detrimental to wastewater treatment plants. The system is comprised of three RAS pumps (return-activated sludge) that require a manual clean-out 21 times a week, costing $3,000 weekly. The process for the maintenance team was time-consuming, disruptive, and dangerous:

  • Shut down the pumps.
  • Pull the pumps up.
  • Dislodge the blockages from the sharp
    impellers by hand.

After years of research, the city installed three DERAGGER® systems, one for each pump at the plant.

The city installed a DERAGGER® system to monitor the pumps’ amperage, voltage, and hertz outputs and sense potential overloads. If a clog is detected, the DERAGGER® reverses the direction of the blades on the pump impellers, eliminating the clog or rag. By enabling Real Time Pump Protection™ to detect rags and run a clean cycle, DERAGGER® clears the first rag and prevents a clogged pump. Eight months post-installation, there were no shutdowns, and the city saved over $100,000. Installing DERAGGER® saves money and time and improves operator safety. This remarkable transformation was featured on
the local news channel in Palestine, TX: KLTV.

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