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"Flushable" Wipes Plagued an Austin, TX High-Rise until an OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pump System by Industrial Flow Solutions™ was Installed to Save the Day

"Flushable" Wipes Plagued an Austin, TX High-Rise until an OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pump System by Industrial Flow Solutions™ was Installed to Save the Day
19 Dec 2022  |
Submersible pump stations around the world share a common enemy, the not so “flushable” wipe. In a tradition wet well system, these wipes are separated from the pumped liquid, solidify and form clogs that result in costly maintenance service calls. Only one system solves this problem entirely: OverWatch Direct In-Line Pump System eliminates the root cause, the wet well.


In Austin, TX, a 23-story, 320-unit high rise residence building with a grocery store and restaurant was plagued by frequent pump clogs, 6 faults in 2 months! The culprit – “flushable” wipes! Despite multiple notifications to the building occupants, the building management team had no control over what the occupants flushed. Clogs persisted and non-budgeted pump service charges were piling up. They needed a solution that would allow the team to refocus on their main priority – providing premium living conditions for the residents.

The team selected the OverWatch Direct In-Line Pump System to solve the repeated clogging and maintenance problems.


  • Constant clogging from “flushable” wipes
  • Excessive maintenance costs for emergency service visits to remove clogs and Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG)
  • Offensive odors


The Pumps of Houston service team quickly removed the antiquated submersible pumps, piping, rails, and control panel. With the equipment removed, the 60” diameter fiberglass basin prepped for the new dry-pit system. The OverWatch arrived factory pre-tested, pre-wired, assembled, and ready to be installed. Within two and a half hours, the wet well was transformed into a dry pit and the OverWatch installation had begun 10 feet below ground. In a safe, clean, and dry environment, the team was able to connect the suction directly to the invert and construct the discharge piping. A sump pump was used in conjunction with the system to handle any water ingress from the hatch. The valve vault was no longer needed and could be removed during future construction. In just one day, the source of much pain and expense had been converted from a wet well into a dry, clean, and reliable pump station.

Why OverWatch? The management team needed a robust and sustainable system that also detects and annihilates potential clogs without human intervention. By removing the wet well and installing an OverWatch system, influent is lifted directly from the gravity invert, wipes and fat, oil and grease (FOG) do not have the opportunity to separate from the pumped liquid, keeping the fibrous material in solution and ejecting it as it arrives. Since the influent is contained, it never become atmospheric, eliminating odors, a huge issue in the Texas heat. This game-changing technology not only eliminates the wet well, but also eliminates clogs, odors, gases and maintenance. The building management team is saving time and money with this installation.

Installation results

  • Reduced potential for clogged pumps
  • Eliminates maintenance – no need for vacuum trucks
  • Clean, dry and reliable machine room
  • No modifications needed to current wet well

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