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Hygienic Process Connections for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has played an important role during the corona crisis - but even before the pandemic the industry was characterised by continuous growth.

Demanding processes and strict specifications make it necessary for suppliers and manufacturers to optimise their products continuously. Experts in hygienic process connections, Labom Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH has adapted its products precisely to the industry’s requirements and conditions.

While many industries are suffering from the economic consequences of the corona pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry is one of few to experience continuous growth: Preventative measures and increased health consciousness have increased the sales of medical products. Even before the crisis, factors that contributed to this positive development included the increasing life expectancy of people and their desire to maintain health for as long as possible, coupled with a rising standard of living in many parts of the world.

Labom specialises in hygienic process connections that meet the strict regulations and demands of the industry. One of these is that the equipment has good cleanability: To meet hygienic guidelines, the design of the process connection must be free of dead spaces such as corners, edges and gaps to avoid product residues. Internal surfaces must be flawless; the electropolishing performed by Labom removes even the smallest unevenness, resulting in a particularly smooth surface. Furthermore, hygienic connections need to be free of cracks, notches and irregularities. That is why weld seams are lasered, making them especially even and flatter than with other processes.

Cleaning itself places high demands on connections: During CIP and SIP cleaning, the systems are exposed to temperatures of up to 140°C, which all parts must survive unharmed. The materials must prevent corrosion, which is why Labom uses stainless steel of a particularly high quality. The actual choice of alloy depends on the particular process and cleaning procedure, so that the perfect material is selected for each system.

Other considerations also affect the design of hygienic process connections: Particularly in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), products are becoming more and more effective and thus more expensive, which is why plants and measuring devices must be constructed in such a way that as little as possible is wasted. This is the case, for example, with compact containment systems for which Labom offers measuring devices with small process connections and still good accuracy.

Popular Labom connection types for the pharmaceutical industry include Type DL3 process connections with a clamp connector and Type DL8080, a Varivent® connection for installation in a Varinline® case.

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