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Dry Measuring System

Dry Measuring System
Hygienic production processes place very high demands on the measuring devices used. Labom, the north German manufacturer of industrial measuring devices, has now expanded its portfolio with a pressure gauge that is particularly suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries: the BC4200.

With fragile, hazardous and very expensive substances, it is often difficult to find a measuring device that fulfils all the applicable requirements in terms of hygiene, resistance and accuracy. However, the Labom BC4200 pressure gauge satisfies all of these. It is what is known as a dry measuring system, with a flush-mounted diaphragm and all wetted parts made of 1.4435 (316L) stainless steel.

The gauge can be integrated into production systems by numerous EHEDG-certified process connections for hygienic requirements such as tapered spigots with grooved union nut, clamp connections or a VARIVENT connection. The BC4200 series is available in various hygienic versions with different surface roughness, which are designed in accordance with EHEDG and ASME BPE. There is also an ASME BPE SF4 version, where the diaphragm, weld seams and rotating parts are all electropolished.

The BC4200 has as IP 65 degree of protection and is suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning. The gauge is free of oil and grease and can optionally be supplied with accuracy class 1.0. Another special option is the design of the mechanical pressure gauge with an electronic rotary position sensor and a 4…20 mA output signal (PL11 series), which enables remote transmission of the pressure values measured.

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For over 50 years LABOM has ranked among the quality leaders in the field of industrial pressure and temperature metrology. The German company specialises in the measurement and monitoring of pressure, fill levels and temperature....

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