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Introducing the WPD Intuition-6™ Series by Walchem

7 Mar 2024  |
Walchem is a leading manufacturer of online analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps. Their mission is to provide the integration of sensor, pump and electronic technologies for chemical control. They provide innovative solutions by integrating our instruments, sensors, fluid handling and extensive remote data communications technologies.

WPD Intuition-6™

Stable and accurate control of oxidizers is now achievable even when the pH, temperature, pressure or flow rate of the sample is not stable. The WPD Intuition-6 will give you the confidence that your process is under control.

Integrating the powerful Intuition-6 controller with Pyxis’ rugged chlorine and chlorine dioxide sensors has never been easier thanks to the new WPD series disinfection controller models.

 The panel mounted sensor options will arrive prewired and with default settings that will closely match the application. All of the relay configurations and software features that you’ve come to know and love are available.

The sensors are less sensitive to fluctuations in pH, temperature, pressure and sample flow rate than most other disinfection sensors. There are flow reservoir options for clean water and industrial water applications.

Key Benefits:

  • One membrane-free sensor measures the oxidizer and temperature compensated pH
  • EPA 334.0 and ISO 7393 compliant
  • Constant cleaning with brushing flow assembly available for industrial applications
  • Chlorine measurement is pH compensated up to pH 9
  • Wide flow rate range
  • Continuous measurement and no reagents necessary

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