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Is Your Pump a Money Pit?

19 Sep 2019  |
We all know what happens when a critical pump or piece of equipment fails. Everything stops.

Teams sit idle until experts can diagnose the problem, determine a solution, quote repairs, get approvals, pack and ship the pump to a repair center, complete the repair and ship it back, reinstall and test.

The list goes on and the cost adds up quickly. How much is each outage affecting your bottom line? How is downtime impacting production? Are repairs going to pay off, or is replacement a smarter option? The honest truth is that you don’t have to settle for a money pit.

The GPM Approach: Quality Pumps Deliver Quality Results

Whether you’re pumping abrasive mining slurry, wastewater or anything in between, GPM-Eliminators™ are built with high-quality materials that perform in any environment.

Our goal is to make sure every customer sees a positive ROI after installing our products. Here’s how we do it.

  • High-Quality Materials – We start with high-quality materials. Underneath that GPM blue is a Class H insulated motor, equipped with a permanently lubricated double mechanical seal and a 28% high chrome liquid end that protects the pump’s mechanical components, no matter what type of liquid bath you throw its way
  • American Made – We’re proud that our pumps are American made, right here in Duluth, Minnesota. That’s how we’ve done it for the past 30 years, and we’re going to keep it that way. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pump, so our talented team can deliver the solution that’s right for you.
  • A Versatile Team – What really sets GPM apart is our overall versatility. Our sales team goes far beyond sales. They’re pump experts with engineering knowledge and experience. They can look any pump and tell you its name, size, specs and origin story. And we won’t just sell you a pump. We’ll come to your site, check out your operation and determine the appropriate size pump and motor needed to get the job done.

All this – the engineering, craftsmanship and versatility that GPM brings to the table – is to ensure our customers can see a positive ROI on the GPM-Eliminator, and get their job done efficiently.

If you want to see how your pump stacks up, try our online ROI Calculator. It’s easy to use – just plug in your numbers to determine if your current pump is worth continued repair investments, or if your bottom line would be better served with a new GPM-Eliminator.

Try the GPM ROI Calculator

The numbers don’t lieOur ROI calculator provides a data-driven perspective on the true cost of maintaining a pump. We’ve factored in direct and indirect costs, labor rates, cleaning costs and annual maintenance to determine your average cost per month. Then, we compare your average costs with the GPM-Eliminator to see how things stack up. You’ll see that the savings add up quickly. 

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