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31 May 2022  |

The challenges for the chemical and process industry have become more extensive and multi-layered than years ago. The hydrogen economy, CO2-neutral production as well as new bioprocesses and technologies develop even greater potential in the future. The ELAFLEX HIBY Group, as a system supplier of hose assemblies, couplings, nozzles and expansion joints, has been watching this development for some time. 

Solutions for H2 Hydrogen for Low-Pressure Range 

In order to run these and other processes safely and cleanly, flexible connections are needed. 

The process industry already uses hydrogen in many ways. Among other things, certain substances are hydrogenated with the help of hydrogen or pure hydrogen is fed into fuel cells to generate energy. 

With H2 Hydrogen Hoses for the low-pressure range, Elaflex has developed connection hoses for the transfer of 100% hydrogen. The robust hose construction with 20 bar ( 2,0 MPa ) operating pressure has a very low permeation, evidenced by an independent notified body. The H2 hoses in sizes DN 13 – 50 are available with crimping ferrules, or SPANNLOC or SPANNFIX clamps. 

 For pumps and compressors used to pump hydrogen, the new ERV-H2+ rubber expansion joint is offered for the mechanical decoupling of pumps and pipelines. ERV-H2+ has a low permeation and is therefore suitable for the transfer up to 100% hydrogen as well as for 100% methane or other mixtures, so-called ‘Hythane’. The operating pressure is 25 bar ( 2,5 MPa ). 

Solutions for Compressed H2 Hydrogen 

For loading and unloading of hydrogen cylinders or the transfer of compressed H2 hydrogen, Elaflex has expanded its product range to include ball valves, check valves and quick couplings up to 1″ for the high-pressure range. Our equipment allows much higher flow rates than conventional H2 refuelling components, suitable for operating pressure of 350 bar ( 35 MPa ). 

Solutions for Cryogenic and other Gases 

For cryogenic gases such as LNG, helium and oxygen, the DCC Dry Cryogenic Couplings and CBC Breakaway Couplings are available in sizes up to 10″. The range for handling LNG has been extended. For this purpose, the new N-LNG coupling with LNG 25 fill hose assembly can be used. Additional in the scope of the LNG refuelling system is the VC-LNG vent coupling with LNG 13 vent hose assembly and the SB-LNG Safety Break. 

Solutions for Chemical Plants 

For the highest demands on hygiene and resistance to aggressive chemicals and solvents, Elaflex offers ERV expansion joints with additional black, conductive PTFE lining. The FDA conforming lining is suitable for applications in potentially explosive areas or with electrostatic charge. Depending on the application and medium, matching bellows with electrically conductive inner and outer lining are available. 

Elaflex as a system supplier offers Hose Reels ready-assembled with hoses, couplings or nozzles. For the chemical industry, stainless steel hose reels are available with a range of chemical hoses e.g. FEP, UTS, Polypal Clean and PTFE, suitable for various hose diameters from DN 50 ( 2″ ) to 200 ( 8″ ). The dimension of the hose reel depends on the hose length and installation options. All hose reel types are available with different rewind mechanism: manual, spring-rewind, motorised (electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic). 

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