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AMMtech designs and manufactures Damper Valves for the Energy, Petrochemical Depollution, Renewable, Steel and Cement industry.

Our company is well esteemed both in Italy and abroad for its competence, quality, service and customized product design.

We are reference partners for engineering companies and worldwide plant builders. ISO 9001 certified since 2011, AMMtech offers turnkey solutions in compliance with applicable regulations.

Passion is our strength, it gives us a strong impulse to face each situation as a mission.

We approach every project as a challenge, abiding by a code of ethics and moral conduct. Our dedicated staff is committed to serving and satisfying our customers needs.


AMMtech was founded in 2007 following a partnership of its three experienced managers who having acquired a long term know-how in the valve industry rapidly set the company as leading manufacturer of Dampers. Our engineered product line meets the demanding requirements of its customers. AMMtech rapidly grows to become a leading manufacturer and reference partner to the Italian market.


We are a leading company both in the national and international market,  supplying full design and manufacture service to engineering companies, plant manufactures, etc. AMMtech provides customised design and technical service on site thanks to its professional and capable team striving for excellence.


AMMtech mission is that of becoming your first-choice partner, of growing steadily exploring far away markets with newly engineered products. Our wish is that of always being able to work with the same passion and ambition acquired up to know thanks to our valued customers to whom we are very grateful.

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